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My name is Hayden Bouren, owner and operator of HKB Home Improvement. I'm a 32 year old Navy veteran and I have been performing a wide variety home improvement projects for 5 years. I take exceptional pride in my work and I have the highest emphasis in quality and customer satisfaction. I generally work by myself and I maintain high standards of quality and timeliness above all else. When I meet a new customer, I want to keep them for life. I will always be straight-forward with my pricing. All quotes will be itemized and final.


I believe in transparency and honesty. I'm always easy to reach and I don't juggle customers. If I sign a contract with you, you will be my priority. When I say I'll be somewhere, I'll be there. If there is an unforeseen circumstance, you will be the first to know.


I believe that there are too many contractors that masquerade as professionals but, in reality, are con-men.  This is why I will almost never subcontract. Unless it is absolutely necessary I will almost always be the only person working on your house. Any other individuals are those that I trust to work on my own house, and many of them have. I treat customers like people, not "money-printers". Any payment prior to completion of work will be for deposit on materials and/or transportation.


Specializing in hardwood, engineered hardwood floors and stairs. Nothing can transform the feel of a home more than the beauty of the natural wood look. I also do tile and laminate flooring. 

The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in the house. The addition of tile backsplashes, butcher's block, tile mosaic or stone countertops will have guests dropping their jaws.

Experience in bathroom remodeling from tiling to a total remodel. This is where many people get the chance to "revamp" their homes in the most creative ways. 


A well built deck is the best way to get utilization out of any back yard. This simple addition can turn any home into a great venue for gatherings, cookouts or relaxation. 

Specializing primarily in privacy fencing, this is an essential addition to any neighborhood home with pets or children. 

Have a covered patio or screened in porch that is being underutilized for any variety of reasons? This is one of the easiest ways to add to your home's square-footage.

Some Recent Projects

Bathroom Remodel

Originally a drywalled bathroom with a molded ceramic coated metal tub/shower with generic features. I replaced the tub with a walk in shower base and completely custom tiling, shelves and trim. I used wood-look tile for the floors with a mocha grout to help blend in with hardwood floors leading to the bathroom. Finished with shiplap walls, new mirror, toilet and vanity. 

Customer requested custom glass shower door, currently awaiting manufacturer to ship door.

Hardwood Stair Install

Originally carpeted stairs, a day of demolition and prep work was required before any construction could begin. 

All stairs were stained and finished prior to being custom fit to each step. New rails were used and the handrail and bannister were stripped and re-stained and finished to match stairs and hardwood floors. 

67405821274__C3008C1A-E0E7-4AFD-A476-9C33347EAE60 (1).jpg
Laminate Floor Install

Customer originally had carpet floors in master bedroom and closet meeting the laminate in the hallway. Removal and preparation took only a half-day to complete, giving me ample time to get the entire project completed within 2 days. 

Many installers are simply too lazy or don't know how easy it is to install flooring without transitions to old areas. The "seamless look" is the only acceptable way to install flooring regardless of material. 

Deck Construction

Picture of my dogs on a 3-level deck built at my last house. Apologies for lack of better pictures of completed project. The deck extended from the back door (over the patio) and transformed my back yard into an area great for cookouts and gatherings year round.

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